Minitek was originally founded to specialise in Miniature Technical mouldings. However, with the introduction in the year 2000 of Arburg's latest 70 ton machine we now have seventeen machines with clamp capacities ranging from twelve to seventy tonnes, enabeling us to produce shot weights up to one hundred grammes. This suite of machines is housed in our modern 5000 sq. ft. purpose-built facility and operated by our highly trained and experienced team of technicians, allowing us to supply small or long production runs from single or multi-impression mould tools designed from customer drawings or samples.


At Minitek we pride ourselves in the accuracy and precision to which we work. Many people may say they can offer you quality, but are they ISO9000 registered? And if you're minded to drop in on them unannounced, would you find their moulding shop looking like a new pin?

Accuracy, quality and good house keeping are just some
of the attributes which make Minitek different.